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Cloud Infrastructure

Is your organization struggling with increasing security and compliance regulations? With the rapid growth of cloud technology and the increasing vital role it has taken in organizations, security and compliance becomes increasingly complex. Pragmatic Works can work directly with your team to achieve and maintain security and compliance across your multi-cloud footprint.

Automate Security and Governance

Pragmatic Works can automate security and governance testing and create a plan for remediation of cloud resources and containers. With automated remediation to close security and compliance gaps quickly, paired with extensive policy checks, we can verify and maintain your data’s safekeeping.

Get intuitive monitoring and reporting

Discover key insights into policy violations with ease.

Gain multi cloud security

Get consistent, automated policy enforcement and remediation at scale.

Areas of Expertise:

The cloud infrastructure solutions you execute today will determine how agile your business will be in the future. Pragmatic Works are experts in fueling digital transformations that enable your organization to meet its goals by supporting essential business processes while empowering rapid innovation and development.

Are you struggling to unlock the unlimited potential of cloud data platforms?

With cloud data platforms you can easily support rapid growth and save more time for innovation with a portfolio of secure, enterprise-grade, fully managed database services. Enterprise-grade performance with built-in high availability means you can scale quickly and reach global distribution without worrying about costly downtime.

Migrating to a cloud platform can be a struggle, between team readiness, building and designing, managing scale and performance and forecasting cost and workloads. Whatever you’re looking to create, Pragmatic Works can help you get it to market swiftly, distribute it extensively, and manage it effortlessly and confidently. We can fully manage your Azure database services, so instead of time spent dealing with your database, you can focus on new ways to amaze your users and achieve new opportunities.

Pragmatic Works can help address the following questions:

  • How can I share data across platforms and departments?
  • Can I manage costs by scaling instantly on an as needed basis?
  • How can I enhance data integrity and security?
  • Is there a way to consolidate processes such as backup, disaster recovery, archiving and analytics?
  • How do I know which service to choose?

Looking to rapidly migrate and trying to determine if a lift & shift cloud migration strategy is right for you?

Many organizations are looking at the different cloud migration options and struggling to determine which one would be the best fit. One of the more common types of migrations is “lift-and-shift”, a solution that primarily uses IaaS solutions in Azure to replicate your on-premises environment in the cloud using Azure virtual machines. It takes advantage of the infrastructure and management features of the cloud, while minimizing the migration cost, decreasing the time required to complete the migration and doesn’t require complex rework to architect the solution for optimal efficiency.

Our team understands the technical, as well as business reasons, for the lift-and-shift strategy. We can help your organization determine if it is the best fit for your company and your timeline by assessing your environment, helping to choose the right systems to move to the cloud and sizing and designing your new cloud environment.

We can clear up all your lift & shift questions:

  • How do I choose the right deployment model?
  • How do I determine if my backup and recovery mechanisms need to change when resources are hosted on the cloud?
  • How do I work existing monitoring tools into a new environment or help transition to new cloud monitoring tools?
  • Can I migrate my existing high-availability architecture to the cloud?
  • How will the cloud fit into my governance and DevOps workflows?

What are the benefits of Software Defined Network for Cloud Computing?

Software-defined networking (SDN) covers several kinds of network technology who share the goal of making the network as agile and flexible as the virtualized server and storage infrastructure of the modern data center. With SDN, network engineers and administrators can respond quickly to changing business requirements and can control traffic from a centralized console without having to touch individual switches and deliver services to wherever they are needed in the network.

Let us simplify your cloud connectivity with revolutionary changes to networking through SDN and help equip your IT team to respond to changing business needs with speed and agility. We can give you the ability to build a truly hybrid data center, combining public and private cloud and third-party hosting into one architecture.

Pragmatic Works can help you address common scenarios such as:

  • Can this provide cost reduction?
  • How can I determine the right plan for architecting and deploying this solution?
  • Does this provide intelligent global connections?
  • Will I get granular security?
  • Will this reduce downtime?

Struggling to combine the power of the cloud with DevOps to stay competitive?

Azure DevOps allows your team to focus on the project and code, not the infrastructure that makes your team efficient. By using cloud tools and services to automate building, managing and provisioning through code, service teams speed the development process while eliminating human error and establishing repeatability; increasing developer productivity and efficiency.

Pragmatic Works can help your company integrate an ideal cloud solution to pair seamlessly with your current DevOps practices. We can ensure that your organization gains the ability to create self-service methods for provisioning infrastructure, eliminating the need to wait for IT operations to allocate resources, and empowering your developers to succeed in getting new products to market faster. We have a proven migration path from TFS to Azure DevOps to make this process a success.

Pragmatic Works can help you with the following issues:

  • Do you need to streamline and embed DevOps processes for greater efficiencies with increased cloud scalability?
  • Are you searching for advanced automation tools that can streamline that process and make it distinctly repeatable?
  • Do you need to reduce infrastructure cost while increasing global reach?
  • Are you currently using opensource tooling or services, and wondering why you should move to this platform/process?
  • Are you seeking to eradicate downtime through cloud-based continuous operations but aren’t sure how to do it?
  • Is your goal to create stateless applications, which increase availability and failover ability, and increase business reliability and customer satisfaction but lack the proper skillset?

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