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Vector Upcoming Event - November 16, 2023

Learn With The Nerds Power BI Developer of the Future with Fabric

In this session we will take the time to introduce the typical Power BI developer to the Fabric Environment, focusing on OneLake and Dataflows Gen 2. We will look to see how Fabric introduces new workloads that the Power BI developer can take advantage of to take their Power BI reports to the next level.
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You have probably heard about Microsoft Fabric at this point if you are doing anything with Power BI. Initially, it may seem intimidating and to be safe you stick to the normal practices of creating your Power BI datasets through either Power BI Desktop or Dataflows Gen 1.

In this session, we will show that there is nothing to be scared of when it comes to Fabric, and once you embrace what it has to offer you will unlock the highest level of performance your reports could have.

  • You will learn about:

  • · How we can take advantage of OneLake and Fabric Lakehouse to be our central storage location for housing our data to support our Power BI Reports
  • · Using Dataflows Gen2 to continue taking advantage of the capabilities of Power Query to connect to data, transform it, and now load into the new Lakehouse· 
  • · Exploring your data stored in the Lakehouse either through the Power Query language or even using SQL
  • · How To Take advantage of the Lakehouse to use the new DirectLake connection to maximize the performance of your Power BI reports.
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Make the most of your day with Manuel Quintana and learn to master OneLake and Dataflows with Microsoft Fabric.