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Meet Blake Dudley, your Renewal Specialist.  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your renewal, you've come to the right place. He can assist you with your renewal needs, and also assist with managing your subscriptions (both groups and individuals). Please feel free to contact him and he'd be happy to help!

Blake Dudley
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Elevate your entire team's skills!

If you enjoy On-Demand Learning and have a team who would benefit, consider purchasing licenses for them!

With Pragmatic Works, you can unlock a world of professional training and coaching that will empower your team to excel. Our comprehensive suite of courses covers everything from data analytics to cloud solutions, ensuring that your team has the knowledge and skills they need to stay ahead in today's fast-paced business environment.

And we are constantly adding new titles to the library, as well as  updating courses with the very latest information. Check out the On Demand Learning Change Log to see what has been added recently. 

Early Renewal and Dedicated Support

At Pragmatic Works, we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service. That's why we offer early renewal options, allowing you to secure your subscription before it expires. If you have any questions or want to renew early, reach out to me. I'm here to assist you every step of the way. You can reach me at bdudley@pragmaticworks.com or give me a call at 904-600-5064.

Ready To Take Your Learning To The Next Level? 

Upgrade to Stream Pro Plus and get 3 hours of Virtual Mentoring

With Stream Pro Plus, you'll not only have access to our extensive library of On-Demand courses but you will also receive 3 hours of personalized 1-on-1 training with our team of experts.

This upgrade is perfect for individuals who want to take their learning journey to the next level and maximize their professional growth.


On Demand Learning Change Log

Course Name Date  Description
Power BI Beginner to Pro (en espanol) Coming Soon  
Copilot in Microsoft Outlook Coming Soon  
Copilot in Microsoft Whiteboard Coming Soon  
Copilot in Microsoft Teams Coming Soon  
Power BI Subscriptions Coming Soon  
**Update** Automation in a Day Coming Soon  
Power Pages in a Day Coming Soon  
**Update** Copilot Studio in a Day Coming Soon  
Bookings Brilliance - Mastering Microsoft Bookings Coming Soon  
**Update** Copilot Studio in a Day Coming Soon Copilot Studio in a Day is for anyone to learn how to develop next-gen conversational assistants using Microsoft Copilot Studio. The course includes hands-on lab exercises to build modern copilot experiences for any scenario.
Copilot in OneNote March 2024 Learn how Copilot's AI integration with OneNote can unleash your creativity, unlock productivity, and uplevel your skills. Discover how it works alongside you to help you achieve more.
Copilot in PowerPoint March 2024 Discover the power of Microsoft Copilot and its integration into PowerPoint. Learn how to use Copilot to enhance your presentations, unleash creativity, and streamline your PowerPoint development.
Copilot in Excel February 2024 Learn to use Copilot, an AI-powered assistant integrated into Excel, to enhance productivity and efficiency. Discover how Copilot can help with data analysis, formula creation, and chart generation.
Microsoft Form Fundamentals February 2024 The Microsoft Forms Fundamentals course teaches essential skills for using Microsoft Forms for data collection and survey creation. Learn form customization, question types, sharing, and result analysis.
PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals February 2024 Prepare for the PL-900 certification exam with our course on the fundamentals of the Microsoft Power Platform. Learn to leverage Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Copilot Studio to drive business value.
Copilot in Word February 2024 Learn to use Copilot in Microsoft Word to streamline your writing process and improve productivity. Copilot combines AI and Microsoft Graph data to turn your words into a powerful tool.
Introduction to SQL Server Windows Functions February 2024 Learn SQL Server window functions for data analysis: basics, syntax, examples, and applications like running totals, moving averages, and rankings. Essential for developers enhancing data analysis skills.
Microsoft Project Desktop: Beginner to Pro February 2024 Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Project Desktop, taking you from beginner to pro. Covering fundamentals and advanced features, enhance your project management skills.
MO-200: Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Review February 2024 The MO-200 Microsoft Office Specialist Excel course teaches essential skills for using Excel. Learn to create and format worksheets, manage data, create charts and graphs, and analyze data.

Power BI for Finance: Mastering Power BI for Financial Insights

February 2024 Unlock the full potential of financial data with our Power BI for Finance class. Empower finance professionals, analysts, and decision-makers to harness Power BI's advanced capabilities and transform raw financial data into actionable insights.

Copilot in Power BI

February 2024 Copilot in Power BI is an AI tool that helps you create reports and write DAX automatically. It can also create narrative visuals that generates a summary of your report using generative AI.
**Update** Introduction to Azure Data Factory February 2024 Create data-driven pipelines, achieve seamless connectivity, and explore data orchestration as an alternative for managing cloud resources in this comprehensive Azure Data Factory (ADF) course.
**Update** Power Apps Beginner to Pro February 2024 Learn to create apps without coding using Microsoft Power Apps. Create a Dataverse table, build a canvas app with drag-and-drop elements, and generate a model-driven app. Gain a solid understanding of Power Apps and solve real-world problems.
Microsoft Excel Beginner to Pro February 2024 This hands-on tutorial teaches Microsoft Excel from beginner to pro. Learn to navigate the interface, perform fundamental tasks, and use advanced features, formulas, Power Query, and dashboard design to become an Excel pro.
Data Engineering in Microsoft Fabric February 2024 A free course on Data Engineering for Fabric covers data how to ingest and transform data into a Lakehouse using Data Factory Pipelines and Apache Spark Notebooks.
**Update** Power BI for Consumer February 2024 This Power BI for the Consumer course teaches individuals to effectively consume and interpret data visualizations. Learn to navigate the Power BI Service, interact with reports and dashboards, and gain insights from data in a business intelligence context
Power BI Developer of the Future with Fabric February 2024 In this session, we will show that there is nothing to be scared of when it comes to Fabric, and once you embrace what it has to offer you will unlock the highest level of performance your reports could have.
Advanced Power BI October 2023 Beyond basic Power BI, this course uncovers advanced features and uses of R and M languages for data extraction and transformation, tackling complex data modeling scenarios.
Learn with the Nerds: Power Platform Co-Pilot and AI Builder October 2023 In this class you will learn how Power Platform co-pilot and AI Builder can help you transform low-code development and data analysis with conversational AI.
Introduction to Azure SQL Database October 2023 Learn to manage databases in Microsoft cloud, configure backups, implement security, and set up high-availability solutions in this Azure SQL Database course.
Introduction to JavaScript September 2023 Looking to learn a new programming language? This course teaches you how to work with JavaScript, a web based programming language used by millions of developers!
DAX for Paginated Reports September 2023 Learn how to work with DAX inside of Power BI Paginated Reports to effectively create datasets and use parameters successfully.