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Quick Power BI References

Download the Power BI Cheat Sheet You'll want to download this poster and put it on your wall. Comprehensive guides for merging data, identifying the correct data type and ways to use Power BI visuals all in one place.
The Ultimate Power BI Playlist The secret link to the ultimate YouTube playlist of Power BI videos created by the Pragmatic Works team.
Start Here:
Power BI Beginner to Pro Tutorial Video
Of the 1,000s of videos we have produced, this is by far the most popular title
Free Power BI Licensing Calculator Choosing the right Power BI licensing model for your organization is complex, and the introduction of Fabric adds to this challenge. Deciding between Pro, Premium Per User, or dedicated capacity involves factors like the number of developers, content consumers, and dataset sizes. To simplify this, the Data Witches have created the Power BI Licensing Calculator. Input your criteria to get a tailored licensing recommendation. Abracadabra.
Dashboard In A Day Free Recordings Click Free Trial for a forever free Dashboard in a Day class amongst other courses.
Dashboard In A Day Notes All of the notes and screenshots shared in the Dashboard in a Day online course. Don't try to keep up, download before the session and follow along.