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Business Intelligence (BI) is the backbone of a good analysis platform. Starting as a departmental effort, BI has the ability to expand to a true enterprise solution. Comprised of a mixture of data warehouses, ETL and OLAP platforms and reporting, these solutions are some of the most applauded or criticized in the organization. Because they may become diluted with growth, BI solutions require regular checkups and assessments to ensure they are meeting the needs of the business and providing the promised value. Power BI gives you the ability to bring your company data together in one place so you can visualize it as a whole, gain valuable insights and analyze it in seconds.

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Analytics and Reporting Environment Assessment

Before taking the leap into predictive analytics, it’s important to evaluate your current data environment with an Analytics and Reporting Environment Assessment. Our expert team can review the current state of your reporting and analysis implementation while identifying upgrade and expansion opportunities needed to successfully implement an effective predictive analytics strategy.

Key Features and Benefits
  • The confidence of an expert team analyzing needs and state of your reporting and analysis platform
  • Clear understanding of gaps and opportunities within current analytics and reporting environment
  • Receive a roadmap for predictive analytics implementation

Self-Service Business Intelligence and Power BI Implementation

In our Self-Service Business Intelligence Implementation, we use a model that focuses on self-service analytics and reporting to enable you to grant decision makers and those who need the information to access data for analysis and reporting. In many cases, we take advantage of the capabilities in Power BI from Microsoft to enable users to get results very quickly. The role of IT in these scenarios is enablement. By making data available and ready for the consumers, they can be trained in creating a variety of visualizations from Excel worksheets to Power BI dashboards.

This implementation is best for businesses with savvy business users already doing analysis and reporting in Excel, Access or similar tools. By further enabling these users, the business can be more flexible and sustainable to a variety of demands.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Keep up with constantly changing BI demands and needs
  • Enable power users in the business to do analysis and reduce IT dependency for delivery
  • User-friendly portal platform
  • Learn to create, deploy and manage reporting and analytics solutions with our Power BI Quick Start

Enterprise Data Analysis Implementation

For businesses requiring larger, enterprise-level data solutions involving a large amount of data being transformed and moved to a data warehouse or data mart to meet the needs of a business, we can help with our Enterprise Data Analysis Implementation. These solutions often have additional security and compliance constraints, and the Pragmatic Works team is experienced in creating solutions to support reporting and analysis to deliver data and visualizations.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Smooth implementation with a team experienced with large-scale data warehouse infrastructures
  • Resolve security and compliance concerns around self-service
  • Support a large number of users and data securely and efficiently

Localized Data Analysis Implementation

Often a department, such as finance, may require a reporting or analytic solution that is not needed on an enterprise-level. In these scenarios, a Localized Data Analysis Implementation involves working with you to make sure the department’s needs are met based on the existing technologies and capabilities as well as a variety of options we have to deliver a solution. We also look at what we can do to make sure the solution is not limiting so that the solution can grow as needed.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Implementation of key recommendations in collaboration with your team
  • Smaller, star-schema data mart for ease of use
  • Improved business user experience through a SharePoint portal solution supporting shared delivery

Our Experts

Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes is a Principal Consultant Lead at Pragmatic Works. He works with Microsoft’s SQL Server stack and Windows Azure to deliver data and business intelligence solutions. He has been working with technology for over 15 years with much of that time spent on creating business intelligence solutions including in-memory models, multidimensional databases, reporting solutions, and data marts. One of Steve’s passions is using data effectively and helping customers understand that data is valuable and profitable. Over the past six years, he has delivered over 30 presentations on SQL Server and data architecture.

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