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Speaker Description
Bradley Schacht Bradley Schacht

SSIS Design Patterns for Loading a Data Warehouse

Instructor: Bradley Schacht

Date/Time: 11/12/2013 11:00 AM

Loading a data warehouse can be a tricky task. A system that tracks history on some tables and keeps daily snapshots on others requires planning from the business and the developer. With all the requirements gathered it’s time to start building! Join us as we load type 1 and type 2 dimensions, fact tables and create a master package framework to control it all. We will explore the built in tools, like the slowly changing dimension wizard, then tell you all about why it should be avoided and show how to replace the functionality with much faster components. You will also learn how to handle special business scenarios, such as late arriving dimension members, in a variety of ways. After loading your warehouse come back and learn how to consume this data in SSAS.

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