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Julie Koesmarno Julie Koesmarno

High Volume Data Processing Techniques Without Driving Your DBA Crazy!

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Instructor: Julie Koesmarno

Date/Time: 3/26/2013 11:00 AM

Ever wondered how to process millions of rows daily? Is partitioning the only solution? Fear not, SQL Server 2012 comes with new TSQL functions and index enhancement to help solve high volume data processing with techniques that will be kind to your server. Giving you less reason to drive your DBA crazy with poorly performing code. View a demo on the ultimate batching techniques to conquer high volume data processing in SQL Server 2012, and comparing it with SQL Server 2008R2. Justify investment for SQL Server 2012 from both a development and performance point of view and understand how to achieve the same objective in SQL Server 2008.

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