BI xPress - Tech Data
"BI xPress has saved us an incredible amount of SSIS development time and allowed us to create new across the board development standards..."
Dave F.

Sr. SQL Server DBA

Tech Data

BI xPress - Peter Schott
"Finally got around to trial of BI xPress from Pragmatic Works - really wishing I'd done it a LOT sooner. Near real-time monitor==cool."
BI xPress - Gary M
"Use of tools such as BI xPress and DOC xPress from Pragmatic Works are relatively inexpensive tools that do amazing things with SSIS. BI xPress is a must for making notification more friendly and providing real-time and historical monitoring of ETL."
BI xPress - Verisk Health
"It’s such a cool and functionable tool/product mainly designed for the SSIS field."
Anil Maharjan

Software Engineer

Verisk Health, Nepal

BI xPress - Severstal NA
"BIxPress has really helped us in our ETL and in streamlining our SSIS Packages.. This product is a thumbs up for anyone doing SSIS Packages."
Akhil Mahajan

Sr. Software Developer

Severstal NA, Greater Detroit Area

BI xPress - Workforce Logic
"BI xPress has accelerated our development project by enabling rich configurable auditing and notification to our hundreds of packages without any code changes."
C. O'Connor

Data Warehouse Architect

Workforce Logic

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  User Defined Best Practices        
  • Allows users to write their own scripts and create their own rules.
  Data Generation        
  •  The data generation feature in BI xPress will give users the ability to generate random data into a table or group of tables, and populate tables using existing sources of data.
  BI Data Testing        
  • Dataset testing in the SSIS unit testing feature gives users the ability to compare two different sets of data during a unit test.
  SSIS Unit Testing        
  •  Unit testing allows developers, users, and package lifecycle administrators to ensure that a package is performing exactly what the developer implementbied and handling unexpected circumstances with predefined behavior.
  Best Practice Analyzer        
  •  The Best Practices Analyzer inspects SSIS packages and displays recommendations based on best practices. 
  SSRS Reporting Performance Monitor





  • Monitor SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Report execution history, data size, memory usage, threshold indicators and more via simple clickable charts.





  SSRS Report Deployment Tool





  • Easily copy SSRS Reports from one instance to another (in the same domain) simply by dragging-and-dropping reports. Quickly displays any warnings or errors, and even allow users to overwrite existing reports.





  MDX Calculation Builder Wizard





  • Create complex SSAS MDX Calculations in few clicks from any predefined MDX Calculation templates





   Secure Configuration Manager





  • Encrypt password/sensitive properties in XML or SQL Configuration Learn more





  • SmartRename Refactoring to create shared configurations across hundreds of packages in few clicks.





  • Create configurations for multiple packages at once





  • Easy configuration value editor with bulk edit/search/filter functionality 





  Package Builder Wizard





  • Create new SSIS packages from out of the box SSIS templates





  • More than 90 predefined templates (e.g. FTP-SFTP, Email, Looping, Data Cleansing* and more)





  • Share package templates with team using template libraries





  • Create new template from existing SSIS package





  • Modify existing ssis packages from controlflow selection





  • Create new ssis package template from controlflow selection





  • Modify existing ssis packages from existing template





  • Modify existing ssis package templates





 SSIS Auditing Framework and Reporting





  • Modify SSIS package for Auditing Framework





  •  Log Errors and Warnings
  •  Scan packages for framework detection


  •  Log connection attributes (i.e.server,filepath,userid,database)

  •  Log SQL Query, Filename, Tablename used as source/target



  •  Variable Logging, Connection Manager Logging and Custom Logging



  • Apply auditing framework to multiple packages



 SSIS Monitoring and Reporting         
  • Report - Recent Execution





  • Report - Running Packages





  • Realtime Monitoring - ControlFlow and DataFlow Executions Learn more





  • Report - Extract/Load Detail





  • Report - Extract/Load trend by day, week, month and year





  • Report - Package and task execution trend by day, week, month and year





  • Report - SSIS Activity Dashboard





  • Report - SSIS Package and Task level performance graphs Learn more





  • Report - Errors and Warnings





  • SSIS Catalog Import





  SSIS Package Deployment





  • Single click deployment of SSIS package to file system, SSIS Package Store or SQL Server (MSDB)





  • Deploy SSIS package files, folders, project or solution





  • Allow Bi-Directional deployment





  • Allow configuration file deployment along with ssis packages





  • Allow multi package selection for deployment





  • Allow configuration file path change during deployment





  • Allow checkpoint file path change during deployment





  • Allow script compilation if binary code missing (Script Task/Script Component)





  • Change package protection during deployment





  • SSIS Catalog Import





  SSIS Notification Framework





  • Notify via Email on ssis package success, failure or completion





  • Notify via SMS on ssis package success, failure or completion





  • Notify via Log File on ssis package success, failure or completion





  • Notify via Event Log on success, failure or completion





  • Custom email templates





  • Apply notification framework to multiple packages





    BI Compare        
  • BI Compare will show users the differences between two SSIS packages and show details on each object.
  Development Productivity Tools





  • Sort packages in SSIS project by Name,Creation Date, Size and Last Modified Date





  • Move/copy variables from one scope to another scope anywhere in the project (same or different package)





  • Edit variable value or expression in single click (Multiline value is allowed)





  • Highlight expression (object icon is changed with red dot)





  • Highlight configuration (object icon is changed with blue dot)





  • List objects with expression





  • Advanced expression editor with snippet library (more than 25 expression snippets)





  • Full screen (Ctrl + Enter)





  • Compile all script tasks/Script components (package or entire project) in single click





  • Quick Deploy Wizard - Single Click Deployment to predefined Target Location from BIDS Learn more





  • Insert Data Flow Nugget





  Script Snippet Library





  • Email snippets





  • File-Folder-Drive operations snippets





  • Internet operation snippets





  • Compress / Uncompress snippets





  • Create/Edit snippets





  • Share script snippets with team using snippet libraries





  DBA xPress





  • Data Surf





  • Schema Surf





  • Data Inspector





  • Schema Inspector





  • Data Space Analyzer





   Support Options





  • One year free upgrade to new features/bug fixes





  • Priority support via webmeeting, phone, and email





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