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Fact Table Destination

The Fact Table Destination loads data warehouse fact tables in a fraction of the time and with much less development work.


Fact Table Destination

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Fact Table Destination can greatly reduce development time for SSIS packages with multiple dimension lookups. With the Fact Table Destination, developers can now perform these lookups and insert data into a fact table within a single UI.

Additionally, users can choose between insert and update actions for the fact table, configure table join conditions to dimension tables from their source data, create column aliases for multiple lookups on the same dimension, and define a default value to prevent NULLS from being added. Advanced features like ranged lookups are also supported. Save hours off your fact table load with this batch process.

Feature Highlights

  • Load a fact table using SSIS in a fraction of the time
  • Perform ranged lookups during the load to reload historical data
  • Reduction in development time
  • Performs surrogate key lookups in bulk

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“We got Task Factory mostly because of Pragmatic Works reputation for the service they provide and the specific need of a secure SFTP task.”

Matt Cushing
Matt Cushing
Loews Corporation

“At the University of Calgary, I can say with confidence that halfway into the conversion effort, using Task Factory has been one of our smartest and most cost-effective software acquisitions in recent memory.”

Gabriel Gray
Gabriel Gray
University of Calgary

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