Migrations and Consolidations

Data platforms are in a constant state of change, from increases utilizations in some areas to reductions in use in others.  At the same time, new options for achieving the same functionality are constantly being made available.  The goal throughout these changes remains the same, to achieve the goals of the business while ensuring high return on investment.  Achieving these goals requires a regular review of your data platform to identify opportunities to deploy new features and consolidate existing servers.

At Pragmatic Works, we’re constantly looking for opportunities for our customers to migrate, consolidate and cut cost within their data management platforms.  Our solutions assist your team with consolidating physical machines to virtual environments, or migrating on premise based applications to cloud based environments.  Through our team you get:

  • Data platform experts with experience in both public and private cloud deployments
  • Tool driven engagement to identify key consolidation opportunities
  • Experience identifying requirements needed for smooth upgrades and migrations

Pragmatic Works’ group of technical specialists assists you from the very first step of your migration or consolidation plan, helping you with impact assessment and inventorying your current environment. We work with your team to accelerate and streamline the migration, improve the end-user experience and increase operational productivity throughout the transition, which in turn helps with the monitoring and reporting tools needed to check performance in your new environment. Alleviate the worry of time-consuming, expensive and error prone migration and consolidation projects with our proven strategies for success.

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