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Cloud adoption is accelerating at an incredible rate. Pragmatic Works delivers services from data platform engineering to advanced analytics on both Azure and AWS platforms. We have the expertise to help you simplify the cloud’s complexities and modernize your business.


Migration Planning and Implementation

Are your data center costs spinning out of control? Are you so busy managing your on-premises environment that you can’t get to a cloud or hybrid data center strategy?

Pragmatic Works is the expert in cloud services for Azure and AWS. We can help you create your strategy and make sure it’s implemented in the best way possible. We’re experts in data center migration, data platform engineering, data integration and multi-cloud scenarios.

How we deliver:

  • Review your goals (i.e. cost reduction, performance improvement, flexibility).
  • Analyze your current environment and provide a recommended cloud roadmap.
  • Implement migration and modernization programs to achieve your goals.
  • Train your team on the best practices for your chosen cloud model.

Data Warehousing & NoSQL

Are you stuck with an aging data warehouse? Are you trying to consolidate multiple environments or adding in unstructured data in NoSQL systems? Do you see the value in a cloud data warehouse, but don’t know how to get started?

We will help you understand your options, as well as pilot and implement an integrated cloud data platform strategy.

How we deliver:

  • Strategic planning for relational and non-relational systems.
  • Design the best approach to integrate the variety of data tools in the cloud, such as streaming, analytics, storage, and more.
  • Mentor your team on how to make your on-premises data work with your new cloud data warehouse.
  • Develop solutions to best increase adoption using cloud data warehouse solutions.

Today’s data lives in the cloud, shouldn’t your strategy account for this?

Big Data and Analytics

Are you trying to get more from your data than simple reports and dashboards? Are you seeing your competitors analyzing new types of data and providing analytics to their business or customers?

Pragmatic Works has engineered world-class data lake, processing and analytics platforms and solutions for companies around the world. These platforms created new lines of business, optimized operations, and centralized data access for multiple teams.

How we deliver:

  • Review how you’re storing and processing your data today.
  • Create and implement a roadmap for big data and analytics solutions using Azure or AWS.
  • Pilot a data lake, spark an analytics solution in the cloud.
  • Explore opportunities your data provides for your business.
  • Develop enterprise programs for Big Data and analytics development and adoption.

Transform your capabilities in record time, with minimal management and maximum benefit with our cloud Big Data and analytics solutions.

Cloud Data Security

Do you need to move to the cloud, but security requirements are slowing down your progress? Many of you are excited to take advantage of the capabilities of the cloud but need help navigating regulatory and security requirements.

Pragmatic Works is the leader in building world-class cloud platforms in some of the most complex environments.

How we deliver:

  • Evaluate your specific needs and requirements and match you with the best cloud solutions for your needs.
  • Use our deep understanding of HIPPAA, International, SOX or other industry specific requirements to make your vision a reality.
  • Work with your security team or external audit to ensure compliance and management are easy and worry-free.

Security in the cloud has never been more important, and you need to find the right place for these capabilities in your strategy.

Articles & Tutorials

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Case Study: Cloud Upgrade Case Study

Mobile MedSoft’s pharmacy application serves their clients with 24x7 access, and was in need of increased performance capabilities. While their solution leveraged Azure SQL Database, Pragmatic Works determined that an upgrade to the latest version would add performance and scalability. By implementing the solution, Pragmatic Works was able to reduce CPU usage from 80% down to 12% and allow for future database expansion leveraging new capabilities like columnstore indexing. Read More.

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