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All the power of DOC xPress, through a web browser. Crowd source your documentation and data dictionary. Give your users an easy way to view the documentation that scales to thousands of company users.


Web View for Your Documentation

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DOC xPress has an expansive set of areas it can document. DOC xPress takes a metadata snapshot of nearly every property that can be captured and stores the intelligence into a shared database for your team.

The best way to share that documentation is in DOC xPress Server, where you can see the documentation laid out in a beautiful website that scales to thousands of users. Users can interact with every aspect of the documentation, including lineage and impact, data dictionary and compare snapshots.

Key Features

  • Gives a web view of the DOC xPress documentation
  • One-click document production in Word, CHM or web view
  • Searchable index to find any field
  • Accessible through lineage and impact analysis

Crowd-Source Your Data Dictionary

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All of the documentation created within DOC xPress server will include the details of your Data Dictionary entries. The HTML Frameset documentation, however, will grant users the ability to update your Data Dictionary entries directly from within the documentation through a web browser.

Key Features

  • Give your users the power to maintain the data dictionary in-line with the documentation
  • Search data dictionary elements quickly
  • Customize templates to give your users just what they need

Lineage and Impact Analysis

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Want your users to know where the number on a report comes from? DOC xPress lineage and impact feature can show them the originating source of their data and where it goes to.

Users can explore the lineage and impact on a webpage and drill down to the underlying documentation in a single click. Users will never again have to ask you where you got this data from!

Key Features

  • Navigate lineage of how data gets into a column, package, report, etc.
  • Discover the impact of change
  • See a text or graphical view of lineage and impact on a web page
  • Accessible documentation by right-clicking on any object

Testimonial What People Say About DOC xPress

“MetaBank (MPS) documentation is always up-to-date, so it can be leveraged as a second line of defense for our processes. Our standards are the first line, and internal audit using Workbench is the second.”

Ron Van Zanten
Ron Van Zanten
SVP of Data Systems, Meta Payment Systems

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