A Pragmatic Approach to Training

We are crazy passionate about Democratizing Technology

We’re a team of dedicated and passionate Microsoft MVPs and industry experts on a mission to help your business grow and operate more efficiently using data and the latest Microsoft features like Azure and Power BI. We deliver top-notch training services for even the most complex Data Management, Big Data, Cloud and Business Intelligence projects.

Trainer At a Desk

Let us help you
grow your business.

Pragmatic Works understands that rapid growth doesn’t happen without a little help from our friends. Since the start, we’ve helped hundreds of companies go from good to great with our training offerings. Our team consists of industry experts and Microsoft MVPs that help our customers stay ahead of their competition by helping companies get the most out of their data. Now it’s time for US to help YOU grow!

What We Believe
Be Humble

Have confidence but remain humble and approachable. We’re only as successful as the team and when we uplift other employees.



Democratize Technology

We only win if we uplift all communities and democratize concepts to where anyone can win with the right tools and knowledge. 

Deliver Wow

Understand what our customers truly need and deliver wow. Bring value by listening to their issues and thinking outside of the box. Go above and beyond to make a memorable moment for the customer.

Every Second Counts

Be efficient and minimize bureaucracy. No one likes pointless meetings or wasting time in tasks that don’t move the needle. 

Achieve Mastery and Be Curious

Technology is ever-changing and we’re tasked with bringing that to our clients. We can’t help our clients be their best if we’re not at our best and explore new areas of technology.

Be fun, creative, and a little weird

Always be yourself and inject creativity into everything you do. It’s the passion of our team that sets us apart… and what makes this job so much fun!

Yes, you have mad skills.
We can help you level up with a new career.

Obsessed with the latest technology and learning how to leverage it to give your customers a customized and ideal solution? Us too! Looking to work with highly-skilled peers who can challenge and mentor you on Azure, Power BI and Big Data? We got you! Pragmatic Works truly believes that happy and fulfilled team members are the best investment we can make in our company.

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