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A Lesson on Merging Queries in Power BI

A Lesson on Merging Queries in Power BI

Algebra Teacher Turns to B.I.This time last year if someone had asked what "merging queries" was, I probably would have thought it described the point where my wife's questions all seemingly combined into one big, blurry quiz.

Now I know it means something completely different! It's a way to shape and transform your data.

This easy-to-understand multi-media lesson will answer such questions as:

Why do you want to combine data?
How does this skill save space and increase my productivity speed?
Which "joins" best fit my goal?

A preview of the effective visuals used in the lesson:



So, here is my multimedia approach, including detailed notes,  to simplifying what could be a big blur (like it was at the beginning for me.) 

Again, I hope this approach to learning BI is making something complicated, a bit easier to understand. Especially for those of you who are like me... learning to thrive in this new B.I. world.

Please reach out with any questions or comment on the video.

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