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Announcing Our New Course - Advanced Data Modeling with Power BI

Announcing Our New Course - Advanced Data Modeling with Power BI

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Are you looking to take your modeling in Power BI to a more advanced level? If so, our new course, Advanced Data Modeling with Power BI is one you’ll want to take! This is a great course that works together with our Advanced Data Shaping in Power BI and Advanced Visualizations in Power BI courses.

If you’re already working anywhere in the realm of Power BI, importing and cleaning up data and creating reports and you’re ready to take it to the next level, a basic level understanding is all you’ll need to be prepared for this course. This class take a conceptual approach but with demos and labs included to help get your hands into data modeling.

When we talk about data modeling, we’re referring to data analysis expression language, better known as DAX. If you’re looking for a more intensive, demo/lab heavy journey into DAX, be sure to check out our Intro and Advanced DAX courses, although this is surely not a prerequisite for the Advanced Data Modeling course.

So, what specific skills do you need for this course? If you know a little Power BI and have written a couple of DAX calculations, you’ll be in great shape to learn advanced data modeling. If you know how the formula bar and the syntax work, whether for calculated columns or measures but are unsure of how some formulas or expressions work, that’s the skill set this course will cater to.

Data modeling is a critical skill to have in today’s data world. First, it’s important to know and understand data shaping in order to shape the data correctly and the next step is to model the data to answer all the questions needed for our business. In this course you’ll learn to build a well created model and use it to answer business requests, so you can create visuals where users can understand trends and patterns to make better decisions.

What does this course offer that you can’t find anywhere else? As with all our courses, we pride ourselves on structuring the order of our classes in a way that’s conducive to you. We created courses that are easily consumable and allow you to extract the knowledge you need, so you can put it to use upon its completion.

Some key takeaways are:

  • A stronger knowledge of DAX formulas and expressions to know where and if certain things within DAX need to be accomplished
  • Understanding the core concepts and ideas at an advanced perspective so you can apply them to your real-life use cases
  • Use advanced data modeling techniques to enhance your use of Power BI for your business

We are excited about our Advanced Data Modeling course! So, if you’re ready to take a deep dive into data modeling in Power BI, then this course is for you! Click the link below to subscribe today.


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