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Announcing Our New Course - Advanced Power BI 

Announcing Our New Course - Advanced Power BI 

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Understanding the basics of Power BI can only get you so far. If you’re ready to take your Power BI knowledge to the next level, our new course, Advanced Power BI is the course for you! This course covers some of the lesser known, but more advanced features inside the Power BI toolbox.

As this is an advanced course, we recommend you start by taking our Introduction to Power BI course. If you’ve already got some Power BI skills, you should have the following knowledge before taking this course: how to get connected to your data and pull it in, how to build out a basic data model, how to build some basic visuals and some basic DAX knowledge.

This 11-hour course really takes a deep dive into advanced level skills. Those 11 hours are of recorded content and then we’ll include labs, so give yourself some time to dig in and build your Power BI skillset.

Starting with how the languages of R and M can be used to extend the standard data extraction and transformation capabilities of Power BI. You will then understand complex data modeling scenarios and how Power BI can overcome them. Lastly, you will learn about several advanced data visualization techniques that can take your reports and dashboards beyond the basics.

This course is taught by our expert and consultant, Mitchell Pearson, who prides himself on taking an in-depth approach on all the topics in this course. So, take your Power BI skills to the next level and sign up for our Advanced Power BI course today, or start your free trial of our On-Demand Training platform. Have questions on this course or any courses in our extensive library covering a variety of topics including Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Big Data, SQL Server Optimization and more? Email us at training@pragmaticworks.com.

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