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Announcing Our New Course - Introduction to PowerApps

Announcing Our New Course - Introduction to PowerApps

Generic-ODT-Banner---600x250---V02 (1) (1)Line of Business (LOB) applications are an integral part of business today. These are applications that are built to be industry specific and to serve a need in your organization. But there are challenges with buying or developing and maintaining LOB applications. Luckily with PowerApps from Microsoft, it’s much easier to develop LOB applications.

If you’re not familiar with Power Apps or want to learn all about them, we’re excited to announce our new course, Introduction to PowerApps! PowerApps are fun to work with and this exciting course will teach you all you need to get started. Here’s some reasons why should enroll in this course:

1. Why should you learn PowerApps?

PowerApps are super cool! Most everyone has at some point wanted to build their own app. Whether it was to take an existing app and customize it to fit a need or maybe you have a brilliant idea that you’d love to build an app for—with PowerApps, now you can!

2. What are PowerApps?

PowerApps is a canvased based user interface application that requires low or no code to build apps, making it easy to build apps for the non-developer. Anyone can create an app and any little code you do have to write is similar to the basic functions in Excel – no need to know .net or Java script. And if you don’t know how to write basic functions in Excel, it’s quick to learn.

3. Why do we have PowerApps?

PowerApps is used to solve a specific problem that a business struggles with daily. Businesses need an app that will support their day to day operations, as well as their organization. So, the decision becomes, do we buy a consumer application or build our own?

An application we buy will be from a ‘one size fits all’ company. You buy it and then must patch it in some way over time and it won’t scale with time which can lead to problems. On the other side, if we build our own app it’ll be customizable, but it can take 6-12 months and we’ll need a development team that knows how to write the code to built it.

Sounds like a lose/lose. But with PowerApps, you can build those LOB apps you need to specifically meet your business needs without hiring a team of developers. They are easily customizable, and you can build them significantly faster than 6-12 months.

4. Who is this class designed for?

Anyone who wants to build their own apps. Oftentimes apps are built to replace the paper processes we have in place. The apps can be built into a desktop application, tablet or mobile device, so you can quickly enter the information and write it back to a database, SharePoint list, an Excel file, etc. By replacing the paper process, you’ve streamlined it to be faster and more efficient.

5. What will you have learned by the end of the course?

By the completion of this course, you’ll understand how to work with templates and how to make them your own using your data, as well as how to create your own apps from scratch and to use the wealth of different customizations available to you in PowerApps. We’ll also look at how to connect to data sources such as SQL Server on-prem, a SharePoint data source or an Excel file in OneDrive.

You’ll also learn how to share the apps you create with others, as well as how to work with version control which is built in automatically with PowerApps. As with all our courses, we’ll take a deep dive and you’ll come out of this course with all the skills you need.

Maybe you want to learn PowerApps because it’s specific to your role or maybe as just a new tool to explore and have fun with because you’ve always wanted to build your own application. Either way, this course is for you! Click the link below to enroll or to learn more about our growing library of courses available in our On-Demand Training platform.

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