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Azure at PASS Summit 2018

Azure at PASS Summit 2018

Azure at PASS Summit 2018 (1)Today I’m coming to you from the PASS Summit in Seattle, WA and I’m excited to be here! There will be 1000s in attendance here! What does PASS have to do with our Azure Every Day series, you ask?

Because there is a lot of Azure goodness at PASS this year. Around 70% of the sessions this week have something to do with Azure. These sessions will cover topics to help you learn about Azure or to deploy it or to be more optimal in the way you’re deploying it.

There will also be the SQL clinic which is also the Azure and Power BI clinic now. This will have all the different customer advisory teams and experts that work on all the big deployments to answer questions.

Some of our own Pragmatic Works people will also have sessions here this week: Brian Knight, Devin Knight and Mitchell Pearson. 

This week we’ll bring you a daily video from PASS to share some things going on here at the Summit in Seattle and things going on in the Azure world.

So, stay tuned for more PASS 2018 on Azure Every Day! And if you have questions or need help with anything Azure related - we're here for you. Click the link below or contact us to start a conversation with our Azure experts today! 

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