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Azure Networking Tips and Tricks

Azure Networking Tips and Tricks

Michael Askins-2

Looking for tips and tricks for Azure networking? In a recent webinar, Michael Askins looks at the various ways to connect your organization to Azure through VPN and ExpressRoute, as well as VNet and peering. With over 20 years’ experience with networking, Michael will share some of what he’s seen over the years to give you or your team some thoughts for the future.

The webinar starts with an overview of Azure Networking and Azure Virtual Network. Michael covers the key components you need to think of when you have a network infrastructure in the cloud such as isolation and segmentation, communication with the internet and between Azure resources or with on-premises resources, how to handle filtering and routing and connecting to virtual networks.

Also discussed are the types of resources, so you can find the networking product you need, as well as an overview of these resources, such as Content Delivery Network, ExpressRoute, Traffic Manager and Gateways, among others.

Lastly, he’ll talk about how to respond and use information from Azure Monitor. Pragmatic Works has an offering, called the Azure Scaffold (also discussed) that considers all the information about Azure networking taught here. Azure Scaffold is a Microsoft term that sets a 10-step framework for Azure architecture and can help validate your architecture.

Watch the complete webinar to dig deep into Azure networking tips and tricks. To view Michael’s slides from the presentation, click here. Want to learn more about our Azure Scaffold offering or any of our consulting services that will help you grow your business with data in the cloud? Click the link below or contact us to start a conversation today—we’re here to help you take your business from good to great.

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