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Azure Performance Best Practices

Azure Performance Best Practices

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Do you want to learn Azure performance best practices? In this final episode of our DBA Madness webinar series, Consultant and DBA Michael Wall covers basics such as the difference between latency and throughput, what kind of disk you want for your synchronous I/O (logs/backups) and your asynchronous I/O (everything else!), and why you’ll hate the term IOPS!

Michael discusses Azure performance tuning basics mentioned above as well as compute, vCores, DTUs and queue depth, all in an effort for you to understand what’s going on under the hood (so to speak). This way you can learn to be mindful of expenses and all the options out there when migrating to the cloud. The cloud can be expensive, so the more you know, the better you can plan.

Much time is spent on throttle points. Throttle points is Microsoft’s system to allow you to allocate the performance that you paid for. Microsoft set this up to maintain integrity above all else; they are making sure that you are not going to lose your data when entrusting your data and servers with them.

The price you have to pay is you may lose some performance as they provide complete backups to your environment and make sure your data gets written to disk when they promise it will be written to disk and so that it’s recoverable. So, the key here is learning all you can about throttle points, Synchronous I/Os, Asynchronous I/Os, and premium and ultra-disks to use best practices for Azure performance.

This deep dive webinar will teach you all this and more. Watch the complete webinar below. To view the presenter’s slides, click here.


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