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Best Practices for Data Visualization in Power BI

Best Practices for Data Visualization in Power BI


Do you want to learn Best Practices in Power BI? In a recent webinar, Erin Ostrowsky shows best practices for visualizations in Power BI to ensure that your hard work is optimally displayed to share your data story with your audience.

If you’re new to Data Storytelling, check out Erin’s webinar on this topic from earlier this year. This webinar’s emphasis is on more design intensive aspects of Power BI. We’ve learned through our training and consulting engagements that many people want to learn to leverage some of the unique features and bring their reporting to another level. Erin’s focuses on skills, tips and tricks for how you can integrate some design elements into your Power BI reporting.

In this presentation, Erin will share some of her top tricks from a design perspective and some things to consider when you’re putting together reports. One focus is on background images and how you can use these to enhance your reports. She’ll also discuss:

  • Themes – Power BI has built-in themes to use and you can custom build your own.
  • Visualization Types – What type of visual do you use to best portray what you want to your users in your report?
  • Bookmarking/Selection Pane – a critical part of navigation in Power BI (this is also covered in more depth in her earlier webinar).
  • Pro Design Tips such as the “5-second Rule” and Symmetry vs Balance.

Much of this webinar is spent on a demo of putting these best practices into your Power BI reporting. Erin is passionate about Power BI and is an engaging presenter, so if you’re ready to take your reporting to the next level, you’ll want to watch this webinar! You can watch the complete webinar below. To view the presentation slides, click here.

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