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Building Your First PowerApp

Building Your First PowerApp

Learn how to build a basic PowerApp solution using an existing data set, and have PowerApps build an app around it for you. Explore web.powerapps.com, where the majority of your PowerApps management is hosted, and view the existing templates and analytics.

Who is this information designed for?

Anyone interested in creating their own PowerApps, and wants to learn from the ground up how to use their existing data set to do this. You can use multiple sources including OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and Excel, just to name a few.

Is there any prior knowledge required for this video?

This video accompanies our previous video on the Power BI Custom Visual using PowerApps. You must have a PowerApps account to replicate the demo.

Why is understanding how to use PowerApps important?

PowerApps allows you the freedom to build apps with a fast, easy approach. You can effortlessly connect your app to data and even add logic. You also gain the ability to publish your app to the web and other platforms.

What are the key takeaways from this tutorial?

This video provides a basic introduction on how to get started with PowerApps. It also shows how you can share your app with others, keep track of all versions of your apps and view analytics and usage views. It shows how you have the ability to move things from dev to test to production and also how you can see it from a mobile device and use it as well. It also goes into detail on building the app that was used in that actual solution.

If you are looking for a quick and simple introduction into the world of PowerApps, this video walks you through the simple process of creating a basic PowerApp in an easy and approachable manner. You’ll also gain valuable insight into the PowerApps custom visual for Power BI.

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