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Confident Cloud Migrations

Confident Cloud Migrations


Conversations about your cloud strategy are probably the focus of many business meetings today. And if they’re not, they should be. You may ask, ‘Is everyone moving to the cloud?’ The answer is Yes!

When thinking about migrating to the cloud, you’ll need to ask some important questions, including: Do we have the skills and knowledge to be successful? Are we ahead or behind our competition? And most importantly, how can we transition confidently in this ever-changing environment?

Pragmatic Works is a leader in cloud migrations and we can tell you, the time is now. 89% of companies are adopting public cloud platforms and Microsofts’ Azure Cloud is skyrocketing. In the next 18 months, most of companies' IT infrastructure (as well as 28% of IT budgets in 2017) will be cloud based and currently, cloud is the new normal for enterprise applications.

Cloud challenges are declining, such as security, integration and performance issues. But challenges still remain for organizations; from understanding best practices to IT teams being asked to add designing and deploying cloud infrastructure to their already heavy workloads.

With cloud migrations being a major investment and focus for many organizations, it’s important to have help from a company with the knowledge and capabilities to accelerate cloud plans with confidence. Pragmatic Works has helped many of our over 7,000 customers to implement successful cloud migrations. Here are 8 lessons learned from our most successful clients:

1. Understand Your Environment

2. Engage the Application and Business Teams

3. Prioritize the Process

4. Team Training is Essential

5. Deploy One Cloud at a Time

6. Testing is Required

7. Align Your Team with the Right Partner

8. Deeper Experience in Moving Environments to the Cloud

Companies that took these steps with a partnership with Pragmatic Works, allowed them to make their cloud strategy a reality. We deliver cloud confidence for our customers, including 96% of the Fortune 100. Our customers experience the highest success rates because of these factors:

Pragmatic Works’ Experience and Relationships

The Cloud Confident Approach

Market Leading Tools


So, get ‘cloud confident’ with Pragmatic Works’ knowledge, tools and training. We can help you each step of the way from planning to implementation, to make your cloud strategy a reality. Yes, everyone is doing it—don’t get left behind. To learn more, click below to read our ‘Executive Guide to Confident Cloud Migrations’ or contact us to discuss how we can help you to get your migration off the ground today.

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