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Creating Your First PowerApp with Power BI and Flow

Creating Your First PowerApp with Power BI and Flow

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Most of you have probably heard of Microsoft’s PowerApps and if you’re ready to dig in and begin building your own business apps using this incredible tool, we’re here to help. In a recent webinar hosted by Brian Knight, you’ll learn how to create your first application using PowerApps.

If you have not heard of PowerApps it’s part of the Power Platform from Microsoft and provides a business-friendly way of creating applications quickly that can integrate with Power BI and Flow platforms for visualizing and moving data.

With PowerApps, you don’t have to be an expert developer. PowerApps allows you to connect easily to your data and systems and create apps, forms and workflows without writing code, instead using Excel-like expressions and Power Point skills. It offers built in cloud and on-premises connectivity and cross platform sharing of apps.

Plus, you’ll have enterprise-grade management and control with PowerApps with all identities managed through Azure Active Directory, so you can centrally manage all your apps across your organization.

This technology is one of the hottest new offerings from Microsoft and included in your Office 365 subscription. This demo heavy, hour long webinar will show you how easy it is to use PowerApps with the goal of getting you a notch up from the beginner level. Watch the full webinar here.

Want more PowerApps training? Our new course Introduction to Power Apps in our On-Demand Training platform is the course for you. After this course you will be eager and ready to take charge of building all your own business applications right away! Click the link below for your free trial of On-Demand Training today.

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