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Debunking 3 Cloud Myths

Debunking 3 Cloud Myths

Debunking 3 Cloud Myths

If you’re like most businesses, you are thinking about moving to the cloud and this may seem like a daunting task. We’re here to help, no matter where you are on your cloud journey, from planning and roadmaps to migration and implementation.

Today, I want to clear up 3 major cloud myths.

Myth #1 – The Cloud is Cheaper

This is not necessarily true. There will be some investment to transition a platform, such as training staff with new skills. Your transition will not necessarily be 1 for 1 cost-wise. Each company's transition is unique and there are lots of options.

It’s best to take time to go through the process and assess what you have and to understand what it’s going to look like moving forward. If done right, there are ways to minimize cost and avoid overspending.

But here’s the good news, once you get to your cloud platform, you’ll have better performance, better cost management and a lot more flexibility. Much more than you can get with your current environment.

Myth #2 – Everything Will Run Faster and Be Better in the Cloud

Only if you do it right. There are new features, architecture and capabilities that we need to take advantage of during the move, so that things perform the way we want them to. Also, we often overspend on on-premise hardware for peak performance hours (i.e. the end of month batch or overnight ETL).

In the cloud, we don’t need that performance all the time, so combine cost management with performance and we have the ability to scale up or down to meet predictable and unpredictable workloads.

Myth #3 – Everything is Easier in the Cloud

Sure, if your whole team is cloud experts! The cloud is a new platform, but once you’re up and running, it is easier and more straightforward. You have many options with the wealth of tools that are available and more coming all the time, so you can use the tools that you like. Need to get your team’s skills ramped up? Our On-Demand Training platform offers an extensive library of courses on data, cloud and new technologies.

Another thing you need is good guidance. Vendor support, the engagement and integration between products gives you many options. But that can lead many to a mental shutdown or paralysis with questions like, ‘Which thing do I use? Which service?’

Unfortunately, this leads many to throw up their hands. That’s why Pragmatic Works is here. Here’s the deal—we’ll do our best to provide the good guidance, and you do your best to understand your business and what you want to create.

So, when you hear people say, ‘It’s always (cheaper, faster, better) in the cloud’, it can be, but only if it’s done the right way. We’re here to help you do just that. Let’s do this together. Click the link below to learn more or to set up a discussion with us to start your cloud journey today and let up help you take your business from good to great. 

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