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Digital Transformation - The 3 Priorities of CIOs for 2017

Digital Transformation - The 3 Priorities of CIOs for 2017

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Digital transformation is, or should be, at the top of every organization’s priority list this year. When it comes to digital transformation, CIOs have 3 main priorities in 2017. Pragmatic Works can help you in all 3 key areas to get your transformation on track, wherever you are in the process.  

1. Use Your Data to Drive Digital Transformation

This is crucial because every type of transformation, whether it be optimizing your operations, empowering your employees, engaging customers differently, or transforming your product, all require incredible data solutions to help drive them.

2. Using Hybrid and Cloud Technologies to Return Savings to Your Business

Hybrid and cloud solutions deliver unparalleled flexibility and agility to your organization while returning savings to your organization.

3. Ensure You Have the Proper Skills

Lastly, the #1 concern of CIOs in a recent Gartner study is whether their teams have the skills to handle, design and support these digital solutions as the company moves forward. Investing in training and partnerships to make sure your team is ready to support and deliver your initiatives is critical.

Pragmatic Works can work with you on all these priorities and make your digital transformation a reality in 2017. That’s why 97% of the Fortune 100 companies trust Pragmatic Works to help them with their digital transformation challenges. We have a variety of training and consulting options to work with you no matter where you’re at in your transformation journey, whether it be in the planning, implementation or support stages, or even just advising you through the process. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your digital transformation.  

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