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Documenting Flow Logic within Power Automate

Documenting Flow Logic within Power Automate

Power Platform Quick Tips - 03 - Power Automate Documenting Flow Logic-

Welcome back to another blog in my Power Platform Quick Tips series! This post is on Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) and how you can document code, so as you build processes and flows with Power Automate, you can document what you’ve done as a reminder for when you come back to it later.

Using this simple technique, you can easily document flow logic within Power Automate:

  • I'll begin in a flow I’ve created which captures things from Power Apps, sends it into SharePoint online and then returns it back to Power Apps.
  • In this flow I’m collecting images and storing them in my SharePoint directory. I want it to return some information back to Power Apps, such as where was it that we stored that file.
  • Although this is a small flow, some documentation would be useful for myself or other users if we return to this months from now.
  • An easy way to document the code is within the ellipsis in the top right corner of the controls/actions you have inside of your flows by clicking on that for the menu.
  • One thing you can do is rename the task, so you can add more detail to help you remember what each action is doing. So, instead of just having ‘create file’ I can change it to ‘create file in SharePoint’.
  • Even better, you can add comments to each section. When you click add a comment from that ellipsis menu, you’ll get a field under the action name bar where you can add much more detailed info about what’s going on inside that action. For instance, I can add ‘Create file in SharePoint and return variable that can be sent back to Power Apps’.
  • I can also copy my code and put that in the comment section so I can easily see what I’ve previously written.

So, a very quick tip but a very helpful way to document your code on your Power Automate flows on each different trigger and action that you have within a flow. You can simply rename your actions for some detail or add comments to enter more detail and even copy/paste code for more clear documentation of your design.

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