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Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations with Power BI

Enhancing PowerPoint Presentations with Power BI

In the dynamic world of data presentation and storytelling, the integration of robust analytics tools with presentation software is a game-changer. Pragmatic Works' Allison Gonzalez, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, recently highlighted the significant updates to the Power BI add-in for PowerPoint in a detailed walkthrough. Pragmatic Works aims to shed light on how these updates can revolutionize the way professionals incorporate data into their presentations.


Power BI and PowerPoint: A Synergistic Integration

Power BI, a powerful analytics tool, seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint, offering a unique blend of data analysis within presentations. This synergy not only enhances the visual appeal of presentations but also allows for real-time data interaction, making presentations more engaging and informative.

Why Integrate Power BI with PowerPoint?

  • Enhanced Presentation Dynamics: Embedding Power BI reports into PowerPoint slides adds a layer of depth to presentations, enabling presenters to showcase data alongside other content without switching between applications.
  • Real-Time Data Interaction: The direct add-in allows for live data manipulation within PowerPoint, offering an interactive presentation experience that goes beyond static slides.

The Evolution of Power BI Add-In for PowerPoint

Gonzalez provides an insightful overview of the Power BI add-in's evolution, highlighting its progression towards a more user-friendly and efficient tool for embedding reports into PowerPoint.

Key Updates and Features

  • Simplified Embedding Process: Initially, embedding Power BI reports into PowerPoint required capturing individual links for each page of the report. Recent updates have streamlined this process, allowing for a more efficient embedding experience.
  • Direct Add-In Access: Users can now access the Power BI add-in directly from PowerPoint's Home or Insert ribbons, depending on usage frequency. This feature facilitates the quick addition of Power BI reports into presentations.
  • Improved Data Sharing Controls: The latest updates introduce enhanced data sharing capabilities within PowerPoint. Presenters can now choose to enable or disable data sharing for their embedded reports, offering greater control over data accessibility.

How to Embed Power BI Reports in PowerPoint

  1. Exporting Reports from Power BI: Users can export their reports to PowerPoint, choosing between embedding as an image or with live data. The latter option retains the interactivity of the report within the presentation.
  2. Adding the Power BI Add-In: The add-in can be found in the 'Add-ins' section of PowerPoint's Home or Insert ribbons. Accessibility varies based on organizational policies.
  3. Selecting Reports: An update to the add-in allows users to select reports directly within PowerPoint, based on their Office 365 login. This eliminates the need to navigate back to Power BI to choose a report.
  4. Sharing Control: Presenters can now control the sharing of embedded report data directly from PowerPoint, ensuring data security and compliance.

Best Practices for Integrating Power BI into PowerPoint

  • Understand Sharing Permissions: It's crucial to be aware of your permissions within Power BI. Ensure you have the right to share the content before attempting to embed and share reports in PowerPoint.
  • Optimize Report Selection: While the add-in simplifies the process of embedding reports, carefully select the reports that best complement your presentation content for a cohesive narrative.
  • Utilize Data Sharing Wisely: Be mindful of the data sharing options when embedding reports. Consider the audience and the context before enabling data sharing to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.


The integration of Power BI into PowerPoint, as detailed by Allison Gonzalez, offers an unparalleled opportunity to elevate presentations with live, interactive data. The recent updates to the Power BI add-in for PowerPoint have made this integration more accessible and user-friendly, empowering presenters to seamlessly blend data analytics with their narratives. Pragmatic Works is committed to providing professionals with the knowledge and tools to leverage these advancements, enhancing their data storytelling capabilities.

Whether for academic presentations, business reports, or any scenario in between, the ability to incorporate live data directly into PowerPoint slides opens up new avenues for dynamic and engaging presentations. With these tools at their disposal, Pragmatic Works encourages professionals to explore the potential of Power BI and PowerPoint to transform their data presentation strategies.

Don't forget to check out the Pragmatic Works' on-demand learning platform for more insightful content and training sessions on PowerPoint, Power BI and other Microsoft applications. Be sure to subscribe to the Pragmatic Works YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on the latest tips and tricks.

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