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Gathering Requirements for Building a Power App

Gathering Requirements for Building a Power App

powerappslogoThe first step in building an application is to gather the requirements. In this video we setup the requirements for the Power App we will be building for the conservation, non-profit organization called Forgotten Parks (http://www.forgottenparks.org). Forgotten Parks has been managing and revitalizing two devastated parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo for 2 years with a collective area of 26,000 square kilometers – a huge protected area to manage.  

This video focuses solely on gathering the requirements we'll be using and some of the application choices we've made to accommodate their license of Power Apps. Forgotten Parks’ goal is to build an inventory app for the trail cameras they will be installing throughout the parks for wildlife monitoring and research of the state of the park.

Not only do they want the app to inventory where the cameras are installed and deployed, but also to make it easier for installers to document the installation process by asking questions to guide them through installing these cameras consistently.

Check out the video below for a white board design session of conceptualizing this app as the first step in the Power Apps build process. Watch for my future videos that will take you through demos of each stage through completion of this Power App.


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