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High Volume Power BI Best Practices

High Volume Power BI Best Practices

Paul Turley

If you’re working with high volume data and want to learn more about why Power BI is quickly becoming the recommended enterprise BI development tool, we’ve got the webinar for you. In a recent webinar, Principal Consultant, Paul Turley, discusses best practices for working with high volume data and using parameterized queries and incremental data refresh policies.

He starts off discussing the ‘then and now’ of serious BI solutions and how new features being added to Power BI Desktop rival, and in many ways supersede, those in Visual Studio SSDT. Also discussed are data modeling recommendations with new and emerging Power BI enterprise features, design tools choices, and working with massive scale data.

Paul also spends time on the decision to cache or not to cache. Imported, in-memory data tables provide high performance and DirectQuery tables offer scalability, and now composite data models offer the best of both worlds with dual-mode tables and pre-defined aggregations. This webinar will teach you about composite models and aggregations with demos.

So, if you’re ready to use Power BI at the enterprise scale, you can watch the full webinar below. To view the presenter’s slides, click here. Visit our website for a schedule of all our free weekly webinars that happen every Tuesday at 11 AM EST.

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