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How to Copy and Paste in Power Automate

How to Copy and Paste in Power Automate

Jonathan Silva from Pragmatic Works demonstrates how to easily copy and paste both content and actions within Microsoft Power Automate, aiming to improve workflow efficiency.

Copying Content Between Steps

 Jonathan presents a basic workflow in Power Automate and highlights the ability to copy text and dynamic content from one step to another. 

  • Users can simply highlight the content they wish to copy, right-click to copy or use Ctrl+C, and then paste it into the new step with Ctrl+V.
  • Dynamic content remains dynamic even when copied and pasted, allowing users to leverage the same values across multiple steps.

Copying Entire Actions

  • Power Automate provides a "Copy to My Clipboard" option found in the menu at the upper right-hand corner of each action step.
  • Utilizing this feature copies the entire action to the clipboard, enabling users to paste it as a new step.
  • While in preview mode, this feature may not always function as expected but generally works well.

Cross-Flow Action Copying

  • An added advantage of the "Copy to My Clipboard" function is its ability to work across multiple flows open in different tabs of the same browser.
  • This allows users to copy an action from one flow and paste it into a completely different flow, saving time and effort.

Jonathan Silva highlights the convenience and efficiency gained by utilizing Power Automate's copy-paste features for both content and actions. These capabilities enable users to reuse content and actions across multiple steps and even different flows, significantly speeding up the process of building and editing automated workflows.

Stay tuned to to Pragmatic Works for the very latest Power Automate tips and tutorials.

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