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Informatica on Azure

Informatica on Azure

Informatica on Azure (1)Azure continues to grow and expand with more products being introduced in the Azure Marketplace. In a recent post, I spoke about how the Marketplace works and the solutions you can find there. One of the key vendors Microsoft has with offerings in the Marketplace is Informatica.

Although you may think of Informatica as a Microsoft competitor, they are working together and have recently added two Marketplace offerings:

1. Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog – This brings a premier AI-powered catalog to Azure. The Enterprise Data Catalog fills a gap for enterprises looking for an opportunity to use a true enterprise powered data catalog that is designed to discover and catalog data from all sources in your environment including cloud, on-premises and big data.

This full solution requires an Informatica license, as well as several Azure components including HDInsight, Azure SQL Database and a VM in order to run. But if you have the need, this is a great tool and you can deploy it on Azure, so you can start small and scale as needed. The Enterprise Data Catalog is an Azure Marketplace preferred solution.

2. Informatica Data Quality – This is designed to be an enterprise data governance tool with support for business and IT users. If you’re struggling with data quality and are frustrated with the tools available, this could be a great option. As with the catalog, you need to have a license from Informatica before you kick this off. You’ll also get easy deployment in Azure and the ability to scale.

Microsoft is excited to bring these Informatica tools to the Marketplace. So, if you need a level of support for data cataloging or data quality with flexible implementation, these solutions may be a good fit for your business.

Once again, Microsoft is breaking the mold and embracing what would have been a competitor and helping us get these offerings on Azure. I’m personally excited for the opportunity to work with these products in conjunction with Azure, not in competition with the tools we’ve typically seen before.

If you have questions on how to implement Informatica in your environment or about anything Azure related, we are the people to speak to. Our Azure experts can help you with all your Azure needs, where ever you are on your Azure journey.

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