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Integrating PowerApps with Power BI

Integrating PowerApps with Power BI

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Do you have experience working with Power BI or with PowerApps, but don't know how to integrating them together? Both tools are part of the Microsoft Power Platform and when you utilize all the tools in the Power Platform, it can be very empowering for your business.

In a recent webinar, Brian Knight shows you how to integrate PowerApps into Power BI reports making your reports actionable. PowerApps is ideal for quickly building web and mobile internal apps for your business. Then, using Power BI, we can gain insights from your data, no matter where it lives.

In this demo-heavy presentation, Brian shows you how to build a canvas application using PowerApps. With canvas apps you’ll have pixel perfect control of that application and, once published, it will work on a mobile device, tablet or web page. PowerApps has built in cloud and on-premise connectivity to hundreds of cloud services, files, databases and web APIs, and allows you to build custom connectors for everyone to leverage.

It’s pretty simple to integrate Power BI into your PowerApps by inserting Power BI tiles into your application. The reverse of this, integrating PowerApps into Power BI, can help do things that Power BI currently can’t do and it makes your data more actionable. It enables you to do things like create a PowerApp to write-back to your data source or one-off data entry. Additionally, if you have filters applied in Power BI, those filters get applied to the PowerApp as well, creating a seamless interaction.

The majority of the webinar is spent on an end to end demo, teaching you how to build an app in PowerApps (in this example Brian will build an app for a new busy restaurant waiting list) with reports integrated into it to give some analytics and insights from the data.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step introduction on how to integrate PowerApps into Power BI, then this webinar is for you. You can watch the complete webinar below. If you need more training on PowerApps or Power BI, our On-Demand Learning platform has courses covering these topics, as well as the complete Microsoft Power Platform. Be sure to check out our FREE Dashboard in a Day course – a great way to get started with Power BI.



If you need help in developing applications but don’t have the budget for a full-time developer, we can help you with that. Our Shared Development offering can provide you with a developer on-demand at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time developer.

We can help you gain the benefits of using PowerApps, or the complete Power Platform, in your organization to take your business from good to great. Click the link below or contact us to learn more about this incredible offering. 

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