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July Power BI Updates

July Power BI Updates

lms_adv visualizations w power biAs I write today’s blog, I am just a few hours shy of celebrating with friends and family (socially distanced of course) my son’s three-year-old birthday.  He officially turns three on Monday and I’m excited to have the day off.  Whoa!  Too much sharing information?  Well, this is my blog so I thought I would share how proud I am to be a dad.  

It also reminds me of how much Jack teaches me daily.  Once I think I have him figured out he flips the script on me and amazes me with a new skill.  I never thought I would be able to play with Peppa the Pig for 2 hours straight, but alas, I experienced that this morning!

More importantly, it seemed like ages ago when I was wondering if he would ever sit for more than 5 minutes with one activity.  As I am always learning from my son, I also find myself constantly having to learn the new features of Power BI with their monthly updates.  And that is what is great about Microsoft's Power BI - - it is never "finished."  There is always a feature that is growing and evolving into a more advanced, streamlined version. 

This month has a lot of updates including Azure maps, new Q&A features, fresh gradient level legends, and external tools.  If you are like me and don’t always have the time to digest the article that comes out from Microsoft about the updates, check out this monthly digest video below.


I hope it can save you some time and help you learn what’s new!

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