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Power App Session 5 | I am not afraid to edit!

Power App Session 5 | I am not afraid to edit!

Sept 12 Peterson Blog Power App

I can build a power app and I'm not afraid to edit. And, so can you!

It’s time for another session of building our check-in Power App for my former school.  This is now session 5 of our series. If you are interested in all of the ins and outs of what got us to this point and you want to build the app from the beginning checkout the four videos in the playlist first.

In the fourth session, we learned how to sort data in a gallery, add new screens, make a confirmation pop up screen, and delete records.

For this session, we will pivot the development of our app.  When building apps it will often be the case that after you finish one build you come up with a better idea of how you want the app to function.  That’s exactly what I thought about when approaching this section.  So take a look to see what minor overhaul of the app we did.

Below is a more detailed list of items we will be covering:

  1. Add icons for screen transitions
  2. Discuss how to group objects for quick use later in your build
  3. Make a list of records searchable and also sorted at the same time

The goal of these next few blogs and videos is to build an app, but not do it too quickly.  I want to let the information soak in one week at a time without overwhelming anyone.  If you think the videos cover too much or not enough material for one session please email me at mpeterson@pragmaticworks.com so I can modify the future sessions or leave a comment below the video.

 Enjoy and have fun! 


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