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Make Your Data More Credible with Azure and Data Testing

Make Your Data More Credible with Azure and Data Testing

PRAG_Banner_AzureEveryday_600x250-1We all know businesses run on data and the key is having trust in your data. At Pragmatic Works, we’re all about data. That’s why we created LegiTest, our legendary data testing software, and why we’ve been trusted to deploy data solutions for our over 7,000 customers for over a decade.

With the cloud, we now have an incredible opportunity to make our data more credible. Here’s a couple scary statistics from KPMGs worldwide CEO survey in 2017:

  • Only 1/3 of all CEO’s trust their data.
  • Out of all the CEO’s, 51% are using data and analytics to create new products and 44% are using their data and analytics to service existing clients and products.

Why is this scary? Think about it, this means that a large chunk of the world’s leaders from a business perspective are using data they don’t trust to make decisions for their companies and their shareholders. This is listed as one of CEOs top concerns going into 2018; and even more concerning, this is the same top concern we saw going into 2017.

So, not much has changed in the past year. But for our customers that have made the investment in the cloud, a lot has changed. Here’s what making the move has done for them:

1. Availability – The cloud has made the data widely available. One of our core tenants of a successful data culture is data access for all. Having everyone have the right access to the data they need increases credibility. Now you have the right person that is responsible for and understands that data, not just running some random report. When everyone has the right data, you connect your business to your employees, your employees to your data and your data to your decisions.

2. Transparency – Once you have more people looking at your data, then people are talking about the data. When people are talking about and using the data in meetings, you’re able to find the issues that are happening in reports and you can fix the issues quickly.

You can make that data available through things like Azure Storage, Power BI and Azure Data Lake, and this will be empowering by pushing that data closer to your business and letting people use the tools they are comfortable with. They will be able to have a transparent interaction and relationship with their data.

3. Adding Intelligence – The cloud is all about integrating data to add intelligence, such as using a machine learning or AI service or a chat bot to help manage customer service and relations, which can take the workload off certain departments. It allows you to bring the data together to explore it by using Data Lake Storage or Data Lake analytics.

There are tons of opportunities to leverage all that Azure has to offer across all its services once you get your data into the cloud. Pragmatic Works can help you move small or large workloads from your on-premise environment to consolidate and optimize them in Azure. If you’d like to learn more about how to do that and gain trust in your data and your business decisions, click the link below—we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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