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Managed Instances Subnet Deployment

Managed Instances Subnet Deployment

Managed Instances Subnet Deployment (1)In a few previous posts, I’ve discussed Azure Managed Instances. Today I’ll continue that thread with an important prerequisite required before you begin deploying Managed Instances. Managed Instance is currently not GA but is in Preview.

When you receive your email that you’ve been accepted into the Preview program, it will point out that you need to specifically set up a subnet for your Managed Instances to deploy correctly. The email will provide you with a link that lists some specific things you need to do to properly deploy a Managed Instance inside your Azure environment:

  • It must be empty: The subnet must not contain other cloud service associated to it.
  • No NSG: The subnet must not have a Network Security Group associated with it.
  • Have a specific route table: That route table is identified in the email for that subnet.
  • You can have optional custom DNS for that subnet.
  • You cannot have any Service endpoint defined.
  • Sufficient IP Addresses: You must have a minimum of 16 IP addresses for the subnet.

To see all this in action, watch my brief demo below. I’ll go through all the steps in creating and properly defining a new subnet. Remember, creating this subnet is one prerequisite that must be done prior to deploying a Managed Instance; if you don’t do this, your Managed Instance will fail.

If you have more questions or want to learn more about Azure Managed Instance or anything Azure related, we’ve got you covered. Click the link below or contact us – our Azure experts can answer your questions and get you started using any Azure product or service, no matter where you are on your Azure journey.

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