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New Slicer Visual in Power BI

New Slicer Visual in Power BI


Allison Gonzalez, a Microsoft certified Trainer at Pragmatic Works, discusses the new slicer visual in Power BI. This visual enhancement brings significant improvements to Power BI report design.


Overview of the New Slicer

  • The new slicer in Power BI Desktop offers enhanced capabilities.
  • It allows for various modifications, enabling users to create more dynamic and visually appealing reports.

Key Features of the New Slicer

  1. Enhanced Customization Options:

    • Users can now add background images, change shapes, fonts, sizing, and more.
    • The new slicer provides more options compared to the default slicer, especially in terms of color customization and functionality.
  2. Advanced Settings for Default Slicer:

    • The new slicer has an auto-update feature for ease of use.
    • Users should ensure they are on the November 2023 release and check their preview features for availability.
  3. Replicating Card Styling Features:

    • The features available for card stylings are now applicable to the new slicer.
    • This integration enhances the slicer's appearance and makes it more cohesive with the overall report design.
  4. Layout and Design Adjustments:

    • The formatting pane allows for various adjustments, including default size, positioning, background color, and more.
    • The slicer settings include options for single selection, multi-select, and a 'select all' feature.
  5. Shape and Layout Customization:

    • Users can choose from different shapes like rectangle, rounded rectangle, and snipped tab.
    • Layout settings include the number of rows and columns, as well as the spacing between items.
  6. Text and Button Customization:

    • The slicer allows for different states: default, hover, press, and selected.
    • Each state can be customized for font, size, color, and positioning.
  7. Incorporating Images:

    • Users can add images to their slicers, with options to adjust transparency and image fit.
    • Additional visual enhancements include shadow, glow, and an accent bar.
  8. Advanced Options for Different Slicer Types:

    • The new slicer supports various design options for different data types.
    • Users can explore creative shapes and designs to enhance the visual appeal of their reports.
  9. Image Integration in Slicers:

    • The new slicer allows the incorporation of images through image URLs.
    • This feature is particularly useful for creating more interactive and engaging reports.


The new slicer in Power BI represents a significant step forward in data visualization and report design. With its advanced customization options, users can create more interactive, visually appealing, and cohesive reports. Allison Gonzalez's demonstration highlights the vast potential of this new feature in enhancing the Power BI user experience.

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