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Overview and Benefits of Azure Cognitive Services

Overview and Benefits of Azure Cognitive Services

PRAG_Banner_AzureEveryday_600x250-1.pngWith Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the possibilities for your applications are endless. Would you like to be able to infuse your apps, websites and bots with intelligent algorithms to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your user needs through natural methods of communication, all without having any data science expertise?

Azure Cognitive Services gives you that ability. Azure Cognitive Services is a set of Azure APIs that make it easy to enhance your applications in 5 areas: vision, speech, language, knowledge and search, so you can take advantage of the possibilities that AI has to offer.


  • Speech to text - you can take the content of a video and make a transcript of it
  • Facial recognition – extremely helpful with security and identity management
  • Language translation – ability to translate language on the fly
  • Text recognition in video
  • Content moderation – makes sure we are displaying appropriate content in videos


  • Speech to text
  • Custom speech services
  • Speaker recognition – everyone can have their own speaking footprint
  • Translation – converting speech from one language to another


  • Natural language cognitive services around natural language processing and understanding for use with voice commands (telling the computer to turn off the lights for example)


  • Adding custom decision services for bots, customer satisfaction or personalization to applications
  • Q & A Maker for your bot service – what are the natural questions people ask and the answers they give


  • Traditional web or video searches; populating auto suggestions as part of that search engine. And processing that intelligence behind those searches to know what a user would most likely be looking for when they begin typing

Azure Cognitive Services is a great service offering for anyone who wants to enhance and expand their applications, bringing the benefits of AI and Machine Learning to your organization. If you’d like to learn more about this service, or any Azure service, click the link below—we’d love to help.


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