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Power BI Desktop and Dashboards Training

Power BI Desktop and Dashboards Training


Are you in need of Power BI training? If you're just starting out or well versed in Power BI, then this class is for you! 

This course is for anyone wanting to learn more about the fascinating Power BI technology, and delve deeper into the Power BI Desktop application. Our own Microsoft MVP, Devin Knight, will start by making sure you have a good understanding of what Business Intelligence is and how to best use Power BI with your data. This course covers concepts in BI Desktop from importing data to creating a data model and calculations within that data model. These days, everyone wants to be able to view their data on a mobile device. You’ll learn how to visualize data in Power BI, and we’ll walk you through how to publish to Power BI service to share with others on mobile devices. Whether you have IT or Power BI background or not, lessons are designed to help you gain a better understanding of Power BI and allow you to confidently build your own Power BI solutions.

Watch our short video here to learn more about this course from presenter, Devin Knight. 


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