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Power BI For the Consumer: Course Preview

Power BI For the Consumer: Course Preview

In the rapidly evolving world of data visualization and business intelligence, staying updated with the latest tools and techniques is crucial for professionals across all sectors. Recognizing this need, Pragmatic Works has introduced an updated course titled "Power BI for the Consumer" on our on-demand learning platform . Spearheaded by Amelia Roberts, a seasoned trainer at Pragmatic Works, this course is meticulously designed to cater to data consumers utilizing the Power BI service. Here's a detailed summary of what Amelia Roberts covers in the course, aimed at enhancing the data handling skills of its participants.

Course Overview

Amelia opens the course by emphasizing its relevance for any data consumer engaged with the Power BI service. The course promises to address common queries like "What do I do with this report?" and "How can I extract more information from the data provided to me?". It's structured to walk participants through the fundamental aspects of navigating the Power BI service efficiently.

Key Topics Covered

Amelia has structured the course to include a comprehensive range of topics that will benefit the learners significantly. Here’s a breakdown of the major areas covered:

Introduction to Power BI Service Navigation

  • This initial section equips learners with the necessary skills to navigate the Power BI service interface confidently. Understanding the layout and functionality of the platform lays the groundwork for more advanced tasks.

Exploring Workspaces

  • Learners are guided through the process of discovering various workspaces within Power BI. Roberts highlights techniques for using these workspaces efficiently, which is crucial for managing and organizing reports and data sets.

Interactions with Apps

  • This part of the course delves into how users can collaborate with colleagues through Power BI apps. It includes guidance on sharing insights, co-authoring reports, and ensuring that the data presented is always current.

Report Interaction Techniques

  • A significant portion of the course is dedicated to teaching learners how to interact with reports. This includes using cross-filtering, drill downs, slicers, and exporting data to SharePoint or PowerPoint for further analysis or presentation.

Integration with Excel

  • Amelia also covers the integration of Power BI with Excel workbooks. This section is particularly beneficial for those who rely heavily on Excel for data analysis and wish to enhance their reporting capabilities through Power BI.

Utilizing Power BI Mobile App

  • Recognizing the need for on-the-go data access, the course also includes a segment on using the Power BI mobile app. This ensures that learners can access and interact with their reports anytime, anywhere.

Course Benefits

By the end of the course, participants will have a solid understanding of how to leverage Power BI for data visualization and analysis. They will be capable of navigating the Power BI service, utilizing workspaces effectively, collaborating through apps, and employing various report interaction techniques to draw meaningful insights from data.


Amelia Roberts concludes by encouraging all data consumers interested in harnessing the full potential of Power BI to enroll in this course. Whether you're looking to gain more knowledge about Power BI services or seeking to improve your data analysis skills, this course promises to be an invaluable resource. Pragmatic Works' on-demand learning platform makes it easy to access this course, ensuring that learners can progress at their own pace. For anyone looking to make informed decisions based on data, "Power BI for the Consumer" is a must-take course.

Happy learning to all future participants, and may this course be a significant step forward in your data analysis journey.

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