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Power BI Monthly Digest November 2020

Power BI Monthly Digest November 2020


Welcome to the latest Power BI Monthly Digest, where Pragmatic Works president Devin Knight and trainer Matt Peterson look at the latest additions to the ever-evolving Power BI platform. November is filled with significant usability enhancements.

> Model View – You can now change how model view looks to include coding colors, hiding fields, displayed key only fields, seeing important information about a visual when you hover over it, and showing the database in the headers. Head to the video to watch Devin and Matt go through each new feature and how to turn them on.

> Apply All Filters – As opposed to filters automatically and instantly being applied once you check them, you can now implement the option to make all the filter changes you need and hit an apply button so there is only one query.

> Data Rectangle (or Lasso Effect) – On maps there is a new icon, which looks like a rectangle with a cursor on it, that brings up a data rectangle. Click the icon to then drag and select the area you want to focus on (without having to hold down ctrl).

> Zoom Sliders – This new feature can be applied to most charts and graphs and provides the ability to choose a range or focus in on one aspect of a visual without adding slicers and consequently altering other visuals.

> Q&A Partial Match – The latest update to Q&A is a partial match, which will find searches based on one word, even if what you’re looking for is two, such as simply typing in Azure as opposed to Microsoft Azure.

> Anomaly Detection – In the analytics section of visuals, when pulling up expected values for min and max Power BI will also detect anomalies outside of that range and attempt to explain why it’s there based on fields you bring in. To make Anomaly Detection work you must have data types of date/time or date hire.

Watch the video to see walkthroughs and step-by-steps of each new feature, plus hear insights from Devin and Matt. Let us know what you think about the latest additions in the comments below.

Reach out to training@pragmaticworks.com to learn about Power BI or check out our On-Demand Learning, which includes over 18 courses on Power BI and over 60 courses on other data analytics topics from Azure to SQL Server. Click here to start your 7-day free trial now.


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