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Power BI Security Best Practices

Power BI Security Best Practices


Do you have data security concerns for your organization? If you’re like most, the answer is a definite yes. Common security concerns are:

  • Can I trust the cloud, and trust Azure?
  • Who owns my data and has access to it?
  • Does a hybrid scenario expose my data center?
  • Who can publish data to the cloud?

In a recent webinar, Steve Hughes discusses data security in Power BI. First, he touches upon compliance, which is a continuously changing thing at Microsoft and something they are constantly making improvements to. A great resource is the Microsoft Trust Center. The Trust Center has tons of information about security and compliance and what Microsoft is doing to make sure to support compliance and have the information you need.

The main focus of the webinar is security and delves into many areas within Power BI security. One important part of the platform that people want and need to understand is about encryption. Steve starts the webinar digging into this important piece of how security plays out.

From there, he’ll discuss the on premises Data Gateway which encrypts all communication in transit with HTTPS and is about managing the encryption of your data prior to issuing it back to Power BI. He’ll also go into setting up the Admin Portal and tenant settings with some recommendations and a brief demo.

This webinar touches on many more Power BI security best practices, including:

    • Row level security
    • Power BI apps and app workspaces
    • Power BI Premium and read-only users
    • Office 365 groups
    • Sharing within your organization, guest users and sharing ‘outside the walls’
    • Auditing and logging
    • And more!

So, if any of the security concerns we mentioned apply to you, this webinar is a must view to learn best practices for Power BI security. To view Steve’s presentation slides, click here. Bottom line is Power BI manages security very well and is continually improving; but organizations must keep up to date, have processes and best practices in place to ensure their data is secure.

If you’re overwhelmed by the Power BI security management compliance and end user support, our Managed Services can help. Our Managed Services offerings centralize the management and architectural support, taking the burden off you, so you can focus on what’s important—growing your business. Click the link below to learn more.

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