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Power BI Streaming Datasets with Microsoft Flow

Power BI Streaming Datasets with Microsoft Flow

with Manuel Quintana

If you’re using Power BI and aren’t familiar with streaming datasets in Power BI, we’ve got the webinar for you! In a recent free webinar, Manual Quintana takes you through creating streaming/real-time datasets in Power BI using Microsoft Flow to orchestrate the movement of data from various sources into Power BI directly.

If you’re familiar with Power BI, there’s the idea of connecting to sources, as well as the idea of using Live Connection in Direct Query. But this is a bit different. This is something we create in the service itself, a real-time dataset and gives users the capability to stream data and update dashboards in real-time. This can be from various sources like social media, sensors, etc.

With this you can monitor temperatures of your machines or website usage, for example, where you may not want historical data or social media capturing of information where you do want or need that historical data. Manual starts off by comparing the three types of datasets but will focus on the Push datasets and the reasons why we would use these.

He then delves into leveraging Microsoft Flow, the workflow automation tool, to push the data into the streaming datasets. He discusses triggers, actions and templates, as well as explores other ways to enhance the capabilities of Power BI like using Azure Cognitive Services to determine sentiment analysis of incoming data.

Most of the webinar is an in-depth demo, so be sure to watch the complete webinar below. To view the slides from the presentation, click here.

This is a great webinar if you’re looking to create real-time/streaming datasets within your Power BI reports. Want more training? Visit our website for a full schedule of all our free, weekly webinars. Plus, learn more about our On-Demand Learning platform with over 10 Power BI courses, as part of our 45+ library covering Data Science, Azure, SQL Server, Business Intelligence and much more! 

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