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Power BI XMLA Endpoint

Power BI XMLA Endpoint

Power BI XMLA Endpoint (1)

I’m here to talk about a game changer in Power BI, the XMLA endpoint for Power BI Premium. How is this a game changer? XMLA endpoint gives us the ability to really treat the Power BI platform as an enterprise scale service.

Let me explain my last statement. Power BI is based on some very capable and powerful technologies like the SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular in-memory analytic engine, but the Power BI focus has really been on the self-service story for the past 6 years.

The XMLA endpoint allows us to utilize Power BI as a truly scalable enterprise-class analysis services database engine. This may be a turning point as it could change the way we architect solutions and entice us to use Power BI for managing enterprise class data models rather than using SQL Server Analysis Services and/or Azure Analysis Services.

By implementing XMLA endpoint, you can use SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Data Tools, and other IT-centric tools to manage your Power BI models, with the ability to perform version control, application lifecycle management and continuous integration.

Be sure to keep your eye on this Power BI Premium feature. We’re currently building projects and creating success stories with clients using the XMLA endpoint, and we're excited about the capabilities that it offers. 

If you want to learn more about XMLA endpoint or Power BI in general and how to leverage its capabilities for your business, our team of industry experts and MVPs is here to help. If you're currently using Power BI, our PBI Managed Services offering can handle things that are problematic and tend to roadblock adoptions while scaling your Power BI investment. Our team can cenralize your Power BI managment to remove the burden from you team, so you can spend your time focusing on growing your business. Click below to learn more. 


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