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Power Query Editor - Deconstructed

Power Query Editor - Deconstructed

free training with Nick LeePower Query Editor is a powerful that allows you to make changes in your data. But a common issue is that Power Query Editor’s functionality isn’t always used to its full potential. In a recent webinar, trainer and consultant Nick Lee, deconstructs Power Query Editor so you gain a better understanding of how to best utilize Power Query Editor.

In this demo heavy webinar, Nick goes over all the different functionalities within Query Editor. This extremely powerful tool can do many things for you such as:

  • Data Transformations – changing data types, removing and adding columns, merging columns, filter and sorting your data, etc. and this list goes on.
  • Data Cleansing
  • Apply Business Rules that suit your company’s needs.

These are all covered in the demo, so you can see all that you can do with the Power Query Editor and how you can use the tools and functionality that comes with it. As Power Query uses the M language, Nick goes over what M is and how to write M formulas.

Watch the full free webinar below and learn how to fully exhibit your skills in the Power BI Desktop’s Query Editor, as well as how to utilize M and learn all the functionalities available to use that are often not utilized.

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