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PowerApps Nested Galleries and the Office 365 Functions

PowerApps Nested Galleries and the Office 365 Functions

powerappslogoWant to learn how to build a timecard app using PowerApps? In this demo, I’ll show you how to build a timecard application from scratch using PowerApps. You'll learn how to use nested galleries and integrate with the Office 365 Functions to capture the user's email address.

In my last post I showed how to make a timecard management application and today I’ll make the time card app itself. Picture this as a tablet, where on one side I’ll have the projects that we manage and on the other will be our timecard, as well as list of all the other timecards we’ve already submitted.

I’ll do this with nested galleries, where one gallery feeds the next and so on, plus I’ll use Office 365 integration to tell what user has signed in and once they are signed in, they should only be able to see their own timecard, so I’ll show you how to limit the list for users.

In my demo included here, I’ll take you step by step through creating an application from scratch with PowerApps. Creating an app from scratch instead of from a dataset as in my last post, will give you much more flexibility. Follow me through this demo of the necessary steps like:

  • Creating a dataset and using a database connection to Azure to my tables
  • Add galleries, including nested galleries and items
  • Filtering
  • Editing, debugging and fine tuning your app
  • How to use Office 365 functions to make sure once it’s deployed it will work consistently across the board
  • Delegation to the data source

In this demo I’ll show you how to integrate with Office 365 and some of the functions around that. In my next episode I’ll teach you how to use the manager function so you can send the timecard app to management, as well as how to deploy and secure your app.

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