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PowerApps - Problem, Design, Solution

PowerApps - Problem, Design, Solution


Are you using PowerApps but want to dig deeper and learn some new approaches to real-world scenarios to better integrate PowerApps in your business? If so, then our newest course, PowerApps – Problem, Design, Solution, is the course for you!

This awesome course takes an approach where we look at an obstacle that a business user is looking to overcome – a problem. We’ll discuss design options for that problem which will encompass areas around functions and expressions within PowerApps, as well as potential design elements in the canvas.

Then, we’ll showcase and illustrate one or more options for a solution for users to overcome those business problems.

This class is geared towards business users and citizen developers that want to take their PowerApps use to the next level. This course assumes you have some prior experience or knowledge of basic PowerApps skills, so if you’re new to PowerApps, we recommend you take our Introduction to PowerApps course first.

There are many training options out there but what differentiates this course, and all our On-Demand Learning courses, is the delivery of the content. We make sure our content is delivered in a way that can be quickly and easily consumed, but that digs deep and delivers all the important details and information on that topic that you need to learn.

What makes this course exciting and easily relatable is our use of real business scenarios that we’ve created or experienced ourselves or learned about from other individuals, so you can gain that experience and leverage it for yourself.

A key takeaway of this course is that we focus on the framework – the problem, design and solution. We show you how to approach the problems presented on principle and philosophy, so you can leverage using PowerApps and apply it in the real world. You’ll learn a multitude of tips, suggestions and skills that are applicable in many ways.

We take a creative, fun approach to this course, so you’ll be sure to have a fun time with us on this adventure into PowerApps. If you’re ready to take PowerApps to the next level, you’ll want to join us on this incredible adventure into PowerApps – Problem, Design, Solution. Visit our website to enroll today!

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