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Power BI: Drill Through and Drill Down Must Know GAME CHANGER

Power BI: Drill Through and Drill Down Must Know GAME CHANGER

If you have not taken advantage of the new modern visual tooltip preview feature in your Power BI reports yet you want to take advantage now.  Below is why you want to take advantage of this feature.

With the new tooltip, if any of your visuals have a dedicated drill through page attached to it, the tooltip will display this feature.  Before this, your end-user needed to know to right-click a data point to access your drill through page or you had to a separate button to your report page the lit up after a visual selection attached to a drill through was made.  Now, it is way more intuitive to all users that drill-throughs have been created.

Also, with the new tooltip feature if you visual has drill down capabilities they can select to drill down right from the tooltip and not click on the dedicated buttons attached to the visual.

The styling of the tooltip has also been updated which I believe is a cleaner look for end users.  You can still modify the look of your tooltip by customizing your report themes.

This feature is a preview feature which you will need to enable in the Power BI Desktop.  In addition, to use the modern tool tip in the options window you will need to select Report settings and check modern visual tooltips.  You can open up previously saved reports and turn the new tooltip on as well.

Check out this quick tutorial of the new tooltip functionality and design.


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