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Power BI: Understand Filter Context and CALCULATE

Power BI: Understand Filter Context and CALCULATE

Whether you are new to Power BI or have been using it for a while, filter context for visualizations and measures are so important to understand.  I will admit it took me a while as someone brand new to Power BI and data modeling to wrap my head around it.  With some practice and learning from others, things finally clicked for me.  So for this week’s video, I wanted to showcase to you the basics of filter context.  After understanding how filter context worked, I then realized that sometimes I didn’t want the current filter context or I wanted to modify it to show values that were important to me.  This then led me down the rabbit hole of the CALCULATE function in DAX.   Wow!  I did not even know how powerful the CALCULATE function is in terms of modifying filter context.

Check out this week’s video for an explanation of filter context and then how you can modify it using the CALCULATE function.  I also showcase three other functions that are often used with CALCULATE which are ALL, ALLSELECTED, and ALLEXCEPT.


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